Friday, December 30, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD... Dub-Dozen...the land of the unexpected.

(check out how many tiny drawing are in this picture)

Wow so the end of the year is here. If 2012 is really the time the world will end, i better get on my three goals. Win the lottery , run a marathon, and star in a movie. I hope that your holidays were safe and you were surrounded by the people that love you. Took sometime to charge my mental battery and drain my bank account making other people happy..that "better to give than receive" train of thought sometimes rings true and for me this Christmas. I like to thank my lovely lady for making my holiday special. I got to eat allot of great holiday food, i dont think i could eat another cookie or a piece of cake.

Watching these initial NBA games that are slightly sloppy is gratifying. It was getting scary thinking i may have to actually learn the rules of Hockey in my desperate need for a winter sport to occupy my inner athlete. The Jets pretty much shat their season away, so the NBA season and the constant reminder of how to not take life seriously; when i hear the announcers say "META WORLD PEACE" #DefendQueens

So lets start with a bit of what i dont think there was enough of this year....I came across an article about a movie called "The Black Power Mixtape". Then without ever telling her, the misses puts it on Netflix on Christmas day. This was an inspiring film that i recommend.


How much drama did these kicks create? The Jordan XI "the Concorde" had cats killing each other like it was 93 all over again. Here is one of the original sketches of the prototype of the kick.

Vicked form HypeBeast

of course my brother DallasPenn was in the streets as always.

I Blame Nike...


to be continued...


50 Cent came out with a project called the BIG 10. He has been releasing videos like wild fire, here are a few i like.

"Off and On"

I just wanna feat Tony Yayo

Nah Nah Nah feat Yayo

I thought this was the "Fortress of Solitude"

Thursday, December 22, 2011 AKA THE GUDWORD....Winter storm? . I Do

Its a balmy 62 degrees at 10:52pm on December 21,2011 in New York. Who would have thought the weather would be this grand? Yeah just got finished listening to the delux version of the jeezy album. I will give it an 8 in todays ever exhausting mix of album and mixtape compilation flooding the market. Out of all of the December releases Common, Kendrick Lamar, Mobb Deep, 50's the Big Ten, Mary's #Mylife2, Action Bronson and Static Selecta, The only one that didnt raise my pulse even a bit.....Vado's Slime Flu....Cant win them all...these are the albums i have rotated to get some sort of inspirational vibe off of lately.

Jeezy dropped a documentary to go with his album