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WWW.Flampro.Com AKA THEGUDWORD ...The Good die young. RIP Whitney Houston


Was the only adjective that came to mind when i first heard, that Whitney Houston had passed on. It was will be cemented in time. Every time a death has been to relayed to me, i usually remember the person and the time vividly. I remember that i was coming home after a long night out; my boy Rallo ran up to my car to tell me about Biggie, when Michael Jackson died i was on my way to go see "Notorious" the movie about Biggie. My cousin Tracey told me about Whitney and i did not believe her. My arrogance came from being closer in touch to what is going on in the music industry, but when she told me it was on CNN the shock set in.

Everyone seems to have a different reaction, some seem to expect that she was going down a path where her death was not surprising. News reporters have been starting their reports by saying "her well documented struggle with substance abuse" instead of addressing the tremendous loss of a musical legend. 48 years of age is a short time to spend on this earth. She didn't deserve an nobel prize but she was not a demon so no need to demonize her. She was a mother that struggled but a the same time was successful in a was that will seldom be replicated.

In the time she did have on earth Whitney entertained the world, and i am happy to have been able to enjoy her music. Everyone dies thats a fact some are more striking than others, such as this has been.

RIP Whitney Houston.

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WWW.Flampro.Com AKA THEGUDWORD 600 miles and running

Give a person an inch and the take a mile!!

So this is my 600th post. Woohooo lol. Thanks for taking this trip with me. I should have did something when i posted my 500th post, but my unaware ass just realized the number of posts i have put on my site.


Sadat X - Remember That from Love Strandell on Vimeo. is beautiful.

Back on the block

Questlove get his Black Power Mix on for Black History Month.

DONTREVIUS WENTERS goes Hard in the paint. featuring the KNICKS!!

Gamenight: Philadelphia 76ers from Terrence on Vimeo.