Friday, March 23, 2012

WWW.Flampro.Com AKA THEGUDWORD ... Too many Black Boys Dead!!

Damn it's been a min since I have a chance to really lay back and let my fingers do the walking all over my keyboards. Not that I am sitting back on my couch writing this , I am actually spinning at a party. So time hasn't given me a minute to myself. No complaints though. As you may know I refuse to just post bullshit. I also refused to being reduced chasing the daily hop hop news. I dont and won't knock the blogs that give us allhiphop gossip and other goings on *Bernie Mac voice*

I am very happy with the way the Knicks are competing now and trying live up to expectations. I didn't expect D'Antoni to leave but god bless him!

I have been one lucky black I say that because I was not shot or killed by a prejudice because of my hoodie. Sometimes it feels like I have seen the same movie over and over and even though you know the story and are hit as captivated be the simply the same movie different actors. The Trayvon tragedy is another reminder that at the heart of the democratic country beats and evil deeper than forever growing. The deep seeded hate that America has towards people who don't look like the founding fathers. It's great to see these individual displays of protest, the call to wear hoodies and public figures denouncing the murder. I can only admire my president even more because of his stand in the face of adversity, the fact that he reminded America that his son would look like Trayvon. It was like he was saying "White America shame on you". I don't live in a fantasy world , I know that there will always be some sort of bias in this country financial, racial, religious question is how much can be absorbed before we arrive at a tipping point?