Thursday, May 17, 2012

Roc Raida X DJ Babu X El da sensi #rocraida4ever

Rest in power Anthony Williams aka Grand Master Roc Raida. Today would have been his 40th birthday. In honor of that fact here is a drop celebrating him. Dj Babu and El da Sensei take a minuet to reflect on good times spent with Raida.

Roc Raida X DJ Babu X El da sensi #rocraida4ever

Thursday, May 3, 2012

THE GUDWORD..PAGE 4..La Vida Sigue Adelante..the world keepsmovingforward 2

So pretty much as it happens every year, i put another charge on my credit card as a reminder that another year has passed since i started the GUDWORD. I have to thank my steady supporters DALLASPENN.COM, EDDE GNZ, DJ MARKX, TAHERO, and my queen The Dutches of Grape. I initially started it with hopes of selling something to the people, but i have had more personal fulfillment just giving you what i thought was crack rocks like this

ASAP ROCKY JOINT Shout out to the bits!!!

Not going to be long winded about this but without you this shit wont work!!! Thanks for the support internets!!

Another night and I unfortunately expect the Knickerbockers to take a loss. Not only due to being matched up against one of the best teams in the League. But the overall foolery that has been the Knicks organization for the last 20 years. Hopefully during the off season they will cut the fat and add another center to back Tyson Chandler up, hopefully Amare will clear his mind and find his game. All Anthony needs to do is stay healthy during the Olympic games this summer. Once again after all the twists and turns this summer I am left with same expression I have repeated over and over again at the end of the NBA season....#FuckingKnicks

Check out this bit of funk i created in the lab...

On the Anniverasy of the Godfather of Souls Birthday, here is a dope documentary...


Tuesday, May 1, 2012