Friday, June 22, 2012



It's a scorcher it out there boys and girls. Mother nature has her oven on and is cooking a roast. Summer fashion is usually the best in NY, ranging from lightly dressed to bathing suit optional. Last night I watched the Heat win their second NBA finals award. It is Lebrons first in a line of many more championship rings, I envision him winning. Being a fan of the game I really appreciate this win. It has been a very long time since the last time I cared about an NBA finals. I mean actual anxiety towards a team winning or losing, when they were not my main team the Knicks. These Finals challenged two teams of equal caliber and character in a contest of champions. And when the team I rooted for won the ring and banner that they sought, it made me feel real good( even if it's the nemesis team).


Women are wear the sexy punk rock look. I have seen an influx of funky spikes and studs emerging in the fashion world. It's a but nuveo for me. I do like the look

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