Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Lunchroom Battles....
Desperatley seeking Vanessa 
by gudtyme


Hello Hip Hop.

 I want to thank you for being the creative force that energized my life.

Welcome to Lunchroom Battles.

 I hope you enjoy my ode to Hip Hop.  This is the equivalent of me losing a tape and you finding it.  If you have ever lost an ipod, CD, tape, record bag you understand that feeling. The acidic pit in your stomach as you realize you may never be able to replace your treasured music.

Growing up in the north side of Queens New York Corona to be exact.  I was lucky enough to be influenced by hip hop artist living in my neighborhood. Marly Marl and the Juice crew did shows at our local center when all Biz and Shante "1,2 1,2" routine.  You were never too far from a block party or a park jam at in my hood. I literally lived around the corner from Dj Polo 100st, Dr.Butcher 100st ,The original Cut Creator Phil  JuJu of the Beatnuts and Large Professor also living close by in East Elmhurst was Herby Luv Bug, Kid and Play, Kwame , Kool G Rap  , 5th Platoon I grew up in a hip hop hotbed.  To tell the truth so many hip hop artist lived in surounding areas like Marly Marl and Super Lover Cee (Juice Crew) and we were all less then a mile away was USA skate rink. This Skate rink was a premier place for the rappers of the day to perform on par with Latin Quarters and Red Parrot or The Fever. This venue hosted the likes of Stetsasonic, Roxanne Shante, Ultra Magnetic, K.R.S (this is the craziest cause Queensbridge was about two or three train stops away from U.S.A. And KRS-1 came and did his songs..this was at the height of the fued. Rumor was when he did south Bronx the Bridge was deep in USA and instead of saying S.B the said The Bridge)  at what was called "SuperParties". 

One of the earliest and fondest memories that i have of hip hop is going on a school trip in junior high 145. We went to the Hayden planetarium as most schools did to enlighten the urban youth.  Along with a roast beef hero that i had for lunch.  I had a fresh pair of AA eveready batteries in my Sony Walkman; and a new cassette tape with Slick Rick and Dougie Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew Live in Linden Projects. They were doing this rap routine that turned into their classic songs "The Show" and " La Di Da Di". This tape was special to me; Because it was one of the few tapes circulating that included the explicit  version of the Vanessa Williams verse by Slick Rick. This was after she had nude photos of her posted in hustler  after winning Miss America.  As a young pubescent noob anything porn related was golden;  i couldn't get my hands on the mag to see the pictures, i had to settle on hearing Slick talk about Vanessa using her "smarts" him had me captivated. This version never made it too commercial radio neddless to say. and as that which happens to all treasured cassette tapes at that time  my shit got stolen. I have tried to be aware of when I had a classic piece of music or freestyle that needed to be dead stocked and i have been "Desperately seeking Vanessa" ever since i lost that tape.

So then the damnedest thing happened Al Gore invented the internet and George Bush invented the "INTERNETS" and said internets slowly but surely rewarded my endless searches with musical manna to slowly be digested, consider this fiber and proteins since hip hop currently lacks the minerals and vitamins *O.C Voice*.


Another thing that inspired me was the passing of Anthony "Grand Master Roc Raida" Williams and my life long friendship with none other than turntablist extrodinaire @DJROBSWIFT.  We went to the same junior high and high school and we been making records (X-Ecutioners) touring getting this money and having fun for a long time and i hope it continues.  When Roc Raida passed it was a shock not only because he succumb to his accidental injuries but we had spoke talked joke with Raida the day before it was a Friday.  On Saturday I was left with memories of an incredible dj and a good person and father.  I shared these same memories with Rob from the beginning wit Akinyele to revolutionizing the X-Men to X-ecutioners to that tragic ending.  Experiencing all of this reminded me that if possible you should celebrate people while they are here and alive so i dedicated the first track to  my right hand man Rob Swift. He's an innovator and has always had my back, though fights, and great times like looking at Shakiras ass together laughing knowing we were the blackest thing at that MTV function.  To currently being proud that you are on ESPN making moves. #SALUTE

Out of those vaults and a relentless search for that golden verse, I found and came across an interesting amount of golden era freestyles.  I could not have created this mix without the help and support of a few people.  I need to give a shout out to DALLASPENN.COM who also grew up in this hot bed of hip hop called Corona, he has helped me in every way when it comes to this internet ish, DJ J.Period who basically taught me how to create a better mixtape.  I want to thank all the sites that have supported my releases. Onsmash, Nah Right, 2dopeboyz, @DartAdams of BastardSwordsman , OkayPlayer, HipHop Wired, complex my brother @DayDog and plenty others. Gotta shout the Queen Grape Dutches cause she got ignored while i worked on this project.  Big shout to Dj JMarkx for never letting me quit!

The term "Lunchroom Battles" refers to the time we spent at lunch either banging on the table and saying rhymes or arguing at lunch who was the best rapper (Grand Master Caz Vs Kool Moe Dee),  group (Cold Crush vs Furious Five) , breaker (Crazy Legs VS Frost Freeze (RIP))  , grapher (Phase 2 vs Dondi) , or DJ (Bambatta vs Kool Herc)
I wanted this mix to be reminiscent of the old school pause tapes, that I use to make from listening to 98.7Kiss or 105.9 Supreme Team show, or Mr. Magic and Marly Marl on 107.5fm. I wanted that feeling I use to feel seeing artist like Big Daddy Kane or Stetsasonic live on stage.  I wanted to capture the creative and story telling aspect of hip hop that has been diminished in today's material centric HipHop world.

In this digital age, all of these analog dusty recordings were like ancient relics that a procurer and preserver of hip hop had to restore. Im the curator of this hip hop musical museum. I hope you enjoy!!!


Alternate Download link -

Sponsered by J.Period - LUNCHROOMBATTLES

Track Listing

1.   "Really Dope" - ROB SWIFT INTRO
2.    Malcolm McLaren on Hip Hop
3.   "Wyndanch" -Biz Markie X Rakim X Rob Swift (2012 Remix)
4.    Banging on the Tables (interlude) 
5.   'Jingle Balls" - BIG DADDY KANE X BIZ MARKIE 
6.    ROC4RAIDA (PT 1) feat DJ JAZZY JAY
7.    "On the Radio" - Stetsasonic 
8.   "its like that Y'all" Akinyele & NAS (live at the BBQ routines)
9.   "Dear Diary" live remix - Akinyele & ROB SWIFT live
10.  Malcolm McLaren goes to A jam
11.   Busy Bee VS Kool Moe Dee @Harlem World
12.  La Di DA di (live) Slick Rick ANd Dougie Fresh
13.  "Whats my name" - Jam Master Jay Dedication 
14. "OMG" - KOOL G Rap X Gudtyme (remix)
15.  ROC4RAIDA  (pt2) - feat DJ BABU & El Da Sensei
16. "Put your cards on the Table" - Fab 5 Freddy 
17.  "Sucker Dj's" - Dimples D
18.  Mr. magic intro X Marly Marl on the Cut
19.  "Real Hair" (intro) - Johnny Wishbone
20.  "Murder with a capital M" - Craig G
21.  "Montebello park (remix)" - REDMAN X BIZ MARKIE 
22.   101 in the House - DUDE(RIP) 
23.   Vanessa Williams - Slick Rick X Dougie Fresh 
24.   ROC4RAIDA (pt 3) Unbreakable - Dj Rhettmatic X DJ Eclipse X Rahzel  X Dj Joe Sinister (outro)
25.   Bonus - Gladiator (Remix) Gudtyme

p.s when the Akinyele and Nas gets to 10,000 on Sound Cloud i will release the download link if you haven't vicked it already..cheeeeaaaaaa


DJ Chuck NICE said...

Haven't listened to the entire thing yet but Good Job, man. I, like you, are from that era and spend a lot of time searching for those "lost gems" from those long lost or stolen or eaten tapes. I remember finding the Biz/Redman freestyle on Limewire yrs ago.....I was like a little kid...my wife thought i was crazy...lol...But anyway there is 1 freestyle in particular I had on tape I been looking for but havent had any luck finding...I actually had it on the same tape tape with the La Di Da Di & Vanessa Williams..and the real Treat Her Like A Prostitute...it was Slick Rick & Dana Dane!!! He only had Nightmares out at the time and Clark Kent was DJ'ing. He freestyled what would later be "Dana Dane With Fame" with Clark juggling the Nightmares beat. And there was another part with Slick Rick (Ricky Dee then) rhyming off of Davy DMX. I used to call it the "vicious little MC" freestyle beacuse he had a part where he used the "chiddy chiddy bang bang" theme melody..lol...any idea what I'm talking about????
Either way, again, good job.


DJ Chuck NICE said...

Damn....I guess you don't check this blog too often.........

Anonymous said...

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