Tuesday, October 23, 2012

THE GUDWORD : Decisions 2012

Who are these undecided folks?

 It seems simple enough to make a choice left or right, is this attractive or ugly, does this taste good or not? In the press they continue to talk about politically there are undecided people, in the current American Presidential race. Those voting should take time in making a concise decision to whom will be steering this country down the road in the future. When Obama ran against Bush 2, the choice was easier because George Bush continued to show that the job was way too much for him to handle. I feel that we are a bit more stable of as nation under Obama and America stepped slightly out of the villainous shadow of the Gitmo debacle.

 Whose undecided? Is it the person who voted for McCain/Palin? The tea partier? Im glad they have kept the Alaskan Kardashian off of my television screen. Watching these debates it seems Romney may have the right aspirations but he doesn't seem to relate to the grassroots of America. He doesn't seem as confused as Bush, but this job takes more than a confused businessman in my estimation.  Most people decided who they are voting for this election last election.

There are people like who will not vote outside of their party lines. So it was simple for me to decide who will get my vote. Most people just won't vote because they are not feeling these candidates. But an "undecided" person if they exists outside the televised Propaganda would surprise me.

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