Monday, November 19, 2012

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Just a few things to widen the viewpoint. Hello world. Just been absorbing life like a sponge. I spent a couple hours watching this battle #GUDSHIT THE CHUBSTER.... My brothers O.G Chino and Mr.Law drop some uber creative spontaneous combustible art! 2 comments: Links to this post AkA The GUDWORD...Soliloquy of Chaos

Slaughterous Sandy

11/1 9:37a.m

Currently at Curtis High School in Staten Island N.Y. It is being used as shelter, to harbor people displaced by hurricane Sandy. I am sleepy and begrudgingly i had to come here if I want to get a paycheck.(thanks bloombito) Working for the city has its perks but this isn't one of them at all! Its definitely an a wake up call to make sure you have a back up plan, to help you out in case of emergency. I personally suggest not just watching Surviorman , but take a survivalist class, learn how to purify water, store some non-persihable food, and GASOLINE STASH.

Hurricane Sandy has slowly sucked some of the life out of the tri-sate area. New Yorkers usually function with the mentality that we cannot be hurt by anything. Sandy has fully converted me into an Army Ant. Ants prepare for winter stock up and stay hunkered down. I will always heed the storm warnings in the future. I did everything possible except evacuate from my low lying flood prone neighborhood.
You will see in my videos that even though luckily my loved ones and I were seemingly safe...we should have left because this definitely was not the storm to play with.

The pictures of the damage makes you respect the frailty of humanity and how the memories of other flooding in America New Orleans or the Spring floods last year. Storm after perfect storm batters us, our will and resolve is consistently being tested in this age of Global Warming.

....a few weeks later

Nov 19. I am just having time to talk to you again. The effects of hurricane sandy are still evident. Hundreds of homes were lost thousand displaced. People hoping FEMA will help them but its really only a drop of water in a really big bucket.