Thursday, December 20, 2012

THE GUDWord @ the world ending? 21-21-2012

Another day another let down. I know some of you are expecting the world to end tomorrow or today depending on where you live. But i am writting this one last post just in case "this is it". Yes i took it slow as the year winded down. There are few post sitting with dust on them in my draft box, that will prob never see the light. As winter settles in and dries my skin out, i spend more time in the house so the blog-machine is back.



“I Remember Everyone”

 vicked from scrapbookmanifesto

 “I Remember Everyone”


 #SFU - SneakeFiendsUnite#JETSIm sick that my team is doing so bad, but they are still my team. Here is some fresh Revis Trainers.

The black and salmon colorway


So today i decided to take a dip into a side of new york i have always wanted to try but never to the time. Today i went to a cheap massage parlor and had a hefty asian lady walk on my back like Mr.Furley from the Jeffersons. It had been a long day and it was only 1pm and it had been and even more difficult week; due to the fact that a friend was killed by a Hit and Run driver. I am usually dont have a difficult time processing sudden or even violent deaths. I think being that this was the first time that it wasn't a sickness or old age or the streets that helped the person expire. It is the brutality and recklessness by the driver thats disturbing. So i felt i needed a min to decompress and who better but a random massage parlor on 14th street. I walked in hoping that a fine geisha girl would slowly teach me the arts of Asian massage. instead it was a bare bone three tables separated by bed-sheet curtains. so privacy is not an option when another customer comes in and walks right by the foot of your table, while the therapist is rubbing a knot out. A nice but chunky lady took me my table and proceeded to give me a rough but relaxing massage. She used her elbows to press on pressure points,and I was surprised as hell when she got on the table and stepped her Jenny Craig ass on my back. I wondered if my back would hold up, but just when it was to much for me. she ended our pleasurable torture season. Everything went well even though they had corny atmospheric soothing music. Even though I was happy when it ended , there was no happy ending.

For the price you can't go wrong 25 bucks for 30 mins.

 This is music by my brother....LEROY BROWN aka "Brown Skin Bless in the Flesh"THE HARDER THEY FALLIts not often when i hear a emcees music and i wonder where he is going to take it. Its not often the emcee is someone i know and i can be bias enough to judge this on artistic merits and sonic structure. So take this with a grain of salt... This mixtape kills most of the albums for the last 12 months.

 outstanding tracks"

No Love" 
"Im On" 
"Hold On"



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