Friday, January 18, 2013


As always i rep my family and i rep whats fresh.

my mentor @dallaspenn is putting something fresh on for the Lo-Lifes and Garment heads...

This weekend its on @ the Highlineballroom on Sunday

At sometime during the night you can check out the officials DJ J.Markx and myself @gudtyme on the 1 and 2's.......


graff heads

2 L's Up

If you feel like taking up a sport

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Gudword @ Joeybadassesbadasssongs

 So im about 6 months behind on this kid,  but from what i have heard he has some pretty textured songs and verbage. Its seems like the wave has scooped him up lets see if he can become a tidal wave.

Joey Bada$$

 You can catch me on the 1 and 2's at this event right here


Reminisce For a Spell by Gasface

vicked from

Monday, January 7, 2013

THE GUDWORD ...#GUDMUSIC..Battle Raps Cassidy goes in..

Cassidy is Foolish!!!

this is his Meek Mill diss....stuck on my computer all ten mins!!

"Nah Tupac wasnt fat"

Friday, January 4, 2013

THE GUDWORD ... Cant Stop Wont Stop..Back 2 da future

Happy New Year Bloggery...

I hope that the new year was all that you could have hoped for and that you partied the night away.  If you stayed home and slept the night away and enjoyed the day off, more power too you.  I laughed and spun some tunes with family and friends around, and it ended with my brother white boy wasted. I could not ask for a better new years.  Damn if my taxes didnt go up and my wages stayed the same so what Phux am i supposed to do? 

As i reflect on better days i wanted to post a moment in my timeline.