Friday, September 19, 2014 ...Fresh Ass Friday ..Iphone Hypebeasting


What up world broadcasting live from Saturn , where I run rings around the competition. I Woke up today to see the hypebeasts on the news, on lines 20 NYC blocks long for the new iPhone 6. I refuse to get caught up with that hype this year. The 4s and the retina display Ipad got me that excited before. This time i can’t see the lines and the stressed out faces. I better things to waste my money on. Im Sorry Apple I will join the masses when the Iwatch comes out. #delayedhypebeastism This blogging thing is such a labor of love, but its hella annoying when i keep writing blogs and i forget to save the draft. Rookie mistakes but its annoying this is the third time writing something for Fridays post. But it’s the internet and there are no deadlines.

#GUDMUSIC #defendqueens

I woke up to this gem and have been banging it ever since 

OH No feat Prince Po 

The response to the Adrian Peterson thing hopefully will spark conversation about disciplining your children. I don’t feel that he should be being charged with child abuse, however i cannot fathom what a 4 year could have done to deserve a beating with a switch. Having to go and get my own switch once and being really familiar with beatings that i thought harbored on abuse. I don’t condone excessive disciplining. It doesn’t make sense. I come from a family that made me think a beating was the least of my worries with some of the techniques my aunts would use. Like throwing rice grains on a hard floor and making you kneel on it until you behaved, or having to hold basketballs outstretched until you can’t anymore and you are begging to go to bed, crying that you will stay quiet and go to bed. I don’t miss those days but as an adult I’m glad they used some of these methods to keep me and my cousins disciplined. 

I will never forget this ingenious dude.

Rest in Power Roc Raida.

I absolutley miss your creativity, your perserverence, your skill.

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