Saturday, October 4, 2014 "I live in possibility"

 live in possibility"

Life's a difficult sea to navigate. Not enough lighthouses. This passing week marked the 5th anniversary of a Dj friend of mine, Dj Roc Raida passing. Rest in power brother. It's also a reminder how life will keep moving forward and so should you. The inevitable is going to happen how much can you get done before it does is the important part. 


Hes back up on the net again posting fresh shit for his friends and em Its a rainy saturday so lets see what goodies the internet has for us. I like this jawn #gudmusic CASSIDY "MR.Chicken" #gudwears #technology #flyshit Always proud to see m brothers putting in that work, take sometime and give this a listen. My boys DJ Technician and Rock Vader put something special together