Saturday, July 8, 2017

a dangerous mind is a bad thing to waste.

A dangerous mind is a bad thing to waste. Spring has not shown up yet and its late April evening the sun is setting in NY. I'm in Harlem absorbing the atmosphere. Sitting in a restaurant behind a group of older black adults that probably meet every Sunday after church. The women in there best head dresses. Talking about green tea, the gentleman having small talk while enjoying the food. I wonder if I make it to see grey hair and milky eyes, what and who my circle of friends will be. I never ponder getting old, these days and times, there are more then enough hazards that most men of color don't think long range. We live for today because tomorrow CNN will be covering the latest police related riot over a accidental homocide they have committed. But back to the wonderful enjoyment I felt absorbing the sights and the sounds. Walking on Lenox from 125th and you run into a restaurants
Of course the classic Sylvia's 
The one oddly familiar discrepancy that signaled, this is not the New Jack City crack riddled Harlem anymore. I noticed an abundance of comfortable white folks. Young couples, fashionable hipsters that have taken residents in the newly built condos and reasonable brownstones. The feeling flashed me back to Ft.Green 10 years ago. The Ft.Green and Harlem of 10 years ago. If you were not coming to cop some drugs, then you wouldn't see a white person. With good reason , there was a fair chance the would have gotten robbed. Don't get me wrong , as a New Yorker there are many white people that have grown up next to and with us. Speak the language walk the walk accepted because their condition was as bad as any ghetto child. The current whites in Harlem are the grassroots that I see will eventually uproot those native to Harlem. They will prove them out just as the outrageous housing costs in Ft.Green. But at the end of the day it's all about the money. 

This current soliloquy was inspired by my boy Creature and his boy Sav Kills. I saw them like I saw them a few years ago randomly in a public place, pushing there music one CD at a time. We stood and talked in Union Square about Hip Hop. We had the kind of conversation about current emcees and emcees that are not so popular but dope. Not the type of conversation that you argue over the best emcee just, how each persons taste is different.  

We spoke on Action Bronson, Kendrick Lamar, Mayhem Lauren, Remy Banks, Sean Price, Oddisee and others, but needless to say and eclectic group. 
Creature asked why I had not been blogging. The term blogger bothered me, most blogs have content that is critical of artist. Most these bloggers are haters. Some people blogging are looking in, when you are looking out some of the pre conceived notions uninformed and ridiculous. I can only quote DallasPenn quoting me " The word Business is long then the word show" ; with that said it time to get back to business "EPMD" style. 

So with that's said welcome to the "GudWord", I welcome you back to my world. Some say I keep it a little to real. Let's walk and talk on this new journey. 

Summer 2017 : Ca$h me outside Bish

Summer in the City NYC 2017 Sun, BBQ food , shorts , water sports, love , adventure I wish you all of these, if it is summer in your part of the world Make sure you go out and dance
 vicked from nowness

It still amazes me how global hiphop has become.

The baby steps from the bronx to the Breakdancing in the olympics.


My Brothers went to Russia and killed some kids.