What up folks slowly and i empahsis slow. I will be adding more features to the blog so you can have more fun things to do while you dont work, and waste time reading whats not happening in the world on your computer. On this page i will be putting more music related features, New Artist and unsigned artist. Also music production tips. So send in submissons for review and i will pass them on to the staff here at the gudword. 2012 re-up...I have a bit more time to update this page. #NEWISH

Please check out this song/mash i made

"OH MY GUDNESS" - Gudtyme
Oh my gudnes (streets) by gudtyme



Rebelmatic: Reckless Eyeballin MUSIC VIDEO from Coffee Grind Media on Vimeo

Wedding party cd by gudtyme

Check out my peoples DJ MARKX on the 1 and 2's



  Pressure by gudtyme

Big Bucks..

  Bigbucks by gudtyme

Dedicated to GrandMaster Roc Raida from gud tyme on Vimeo.


How to hook it up the the computer.

How to put use vinyl on MPD

Garageband and MPD

MPD and Logic


PT 2

PT 3

PT 4

PT 5