GudWord : Health & Well Being

Welcome to the Health and well being section of the GUDWORD.

I will be posting things i find on the net, to keep us healthy mind body and spirit. Sometimes we are trapped in cycles where we eat poorly or party too hard. This has a dramatic and terrible effect on the body (your temple). I like to party but i hate the headaches after a night of too much Vodka or two much "flowers". I alwasy wake up with my head splitting and trying to drink as much water as psossible to flush the toxins out of my system. That is one reason i was inspired to add this page for disscusion on food and working out to live a longer healthier life.

I like to start my mornings off with a little bit of stretching to get the blood flowing and to loosen any tight muscles.  This clip is of the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) yoga psoses. Here are a few simple stretches to get you going.
(please ignore the Darth Vadar respiration connected with the vid, breathing is the most improtant part of yoga)

I also like to watch Tara Stiles YOUTUBE clips to have a cool and pretty yoga teacher, without having to go to a class and feel uncomfortable doing this workout in public. Most guys dont like to stretch or attempt yoga. But it makes a world of difference at least is has for me. Check out this early morning routine by Tara Stiles.....

After you are all stetched and warmed up try some of these resistance excercises to help build muscle and strength.

Clean and Press

Dumbell Laterals

I combine these two excercises "super-setting" them for a better workout.

Then i move to the bench press, which i super-set with Dumbell Flys'

Dumbell Flys (girls that workout are HOT)

Phil Heath - Mr.Olympia