You need a party rocked? Need a Dj for a wedding or a party. You have come to the right place. This page will be exclusively for my dj friends. This will the place that you can find and hear music from FLAMPROs favorite dj's myself included.

The Officials – We run the game!!!!

You are now about to witness the strength of street Knowledge. If you need a party rocked call these guys. Been to your local club and was disappointed by the DJ’s selection? Have no fear the Officials are here! It’s been a long time since you had a combination of dj’s that have their finger on the pulse of the crowd. Following in the footsteps of Kool Herc, Africa Bambata, Grandmixer DST the Officials are the millenniums answer to a real DJ.

In this current day and age most dj’s are afraid to play what they feel is good music instead they end up playing nothing but commercial hits. Introducing the answer to the sellout dj The Officials. The Officials are a two-man crew from Queens NY Gudtyme and introducing J-Marks. You may remember Gudtyme from his recordings with the X-ecutioners “Xpressions” album and Rob Swift “The Ablist” and “Sound Event” or from his work on the Chapelle show. This talented Emcee/producer has taken time to add being a top-notch dj to his resume.

Gudtyme has been down with the X-ecutioners from the beginning. He has been touring and doing shows with them since 1997. He served as their road Manager and also as the unofficial emcee in their turntablists’ crew. He opened up the show for the crew on the Eminems Anger management tour that included artist such as Papa Roach, Ludacris, Xzibit, with, and the Sobe Adrenalin Rush tour rhyming and Djing.

Gudtyme also was the house dj on the hit comedy show Chapelle Show season 2. You may have had a chance to check the Officials while they were resident dj's a the Belmont lounge. With a wide resume of parties and events they have sucessfully rocked, The Officials are on their way to becoming two of the top dJ's in the game.

Introducing one of the freshest and creative turntablists coming out of New York J-Marks. J-Marks has been spinning since he was a child. He sharpened his skills practicing with Rob Swift….. He has currently been exposing the digital world to his skill via his Podmatic web page http://djmarkx0930.podomatic.com/

You can check out one of his mixes right here..